Circuit Breakers, Thermal Type ZE700/ ZE700-MI

Model ID:ZE700/ ZE700-MI
Thermal Type Circuit Breaker, Single Pole,
Manual Push Reset, With Thread Neck 8.5mm Height,
Accessory: Name Plate + Hex Nut.

AES-ZE700-5A 50VDC, 5A,
AES-ZE700-10A 50VDC, 10A,
AES-ZE700-15A 50VDC, 15A,
AES-ZE700-20A 50VDC, 20A,
AES-ZE700-25A 50VDC, 25A,
AES-ZE700-30A 50VDC, 30A,
AES-ZE700-35A 50VDC, 35A,
AES-ZE700-40A 50VDC, 40A,
AES-ZE700-45A 50VDC, 45A,
AES-ZE700-50A 50VDC, 50A,
AES-ZE700-40A-S 50VDC, 40A With Screw Terminals.

AES-ZE700-5A-C1 50VDC, 5A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-15A-C 50VDC, 15A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-10A-C1 50VDC, 10A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-15A-C1 50VDC, 15A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-20A-C1 50VDC, 20A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-25A-C1 50VDC, 25A With Additional Cap.
AES-ZE700-30A-C1 50VDC, 30A With Additional Cap.

AES-ZE700-MI With Higher Neck (11.3mm height)
AES-ZE700-MI-10A 50VDC, 10A,
AES-ZE700-MI-20A 50VDC, 20A.